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Finest Dry Cleaning Service for All Your Clothing in Atlanta, GA!

Joe May is a top-rated dry cleaning service in Atlanta, GA, providing expert and delicate care to your precious garments, using only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best possible cleaning results. 

Providing Atlanta families and professionals with convenient and innovative dry cleaning services since 1936, you can trust our experienced dry cleaners to clean and get rid of hard stains and care for your clothes without any chance of damage. 

Benefits of Hiring Joe May Dry Cleaning Service in Atlanta, GA

Do you have favorite pieces of clothing that you avoid wearing altogether because you don’t want to deal with taking that extra care to keep it clean? If this is you, our expert dry cleaners here at Joe May can help you maintain your favorite clothes, while saving you a lot of time and effort.

So consider dry cleaning as a special treatment for your clothes, of which the benefits you’ll never find from at-home washing. When you choose us as your partner in handling all your dry cleaning needs, we’ll do the following for you:

1. Get rid of stubborn stains and odors

Stains can be tough to remove using traditional methods, especially when they are too deep on your clothes. Our dry cleaning services in Atlanta, GA can be impressive to help you remove deep and stubborn stains, while keeping your fabric texture intact in the process. 

2. Give extra care to your delicate clothes using an environmentally friendly process

Our professional dry cleaners in Atlanta, GA will make sure your clothes are cared for properly to maintain their good quality. Not only will we dry clean your clothes, but we will also iron and fold them, maintain their quality, package them, and send them on the agreed-upon date and time.

3. Take the hassle out of going to and forth with our pick-up and delivery service

With our home delivery service, you won’t have to experience the hassle of calling in or waiting in those unwanted long queues for booking your much-needed dry cleaning service. We offer pick-up and drop-off right to your door, wherever you are in Atlanta, GA.

Types of Garments We Dry Clean

You may choose to do the regular laundry on your own, but when it comes to dry cleaning your clothes, you surely need a professional dry cleaning service to handle this delicate task for you. 

At Joe May, we handle these different types of garments:

  • Blouse
  • Dress
  • Golf Shirt / Polo Shirt
  • Pants
  • Skirt
  • Suit Coat / Blazer
  • Sweater

Experience the Best Dry Cleaning Service in Atlanta, GA the Joe May Way!

If you’re looking for the most trusted dry cleaners in Atlanta, GA who’ve been making many customers happy and satisfied, Joe May is the company to call. No more will you have to spend hours washing all your clothes on your own. Let our pros at Joe May do the job for you.

We service Lawrenceville Highway, Downtown Decatur, Peachtree Battle, and Lavista Road from Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 6 pm. We are also open on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. 

You may also call us directly at 470-740-6768

Or, you can email us at customerservice@joemayvalet.com


"I returned a shirt that still had a stain on it. They retried getting the stain out and it’s much better than it was. (Complete removal is not their fault.) The customer service is commendable. They are always pleasant and efficient. The way they communicate the status of your order is impressive. It’s a pleasure doing business with them."



"I brought in a couple of items that I needed alterations to be completed on. They were able to size me in the store and had all of my alterations done within the time I requested. I also asked for the clothes to be cleaned and it was just amazing to be able to have all that accomplished in a timely manner. Definitely recommend for speed and quality of service, they are very nice people!."

James Schwartz


I love Joe May cleaners! They are super friendly and always know me by name and do a great job on my clothes.

Mary Katherine Greene

Frequently Asked Dry Cleaning

How long does dry cleaning take?

In general, the time it takes for dry cleaning to be completed depends on several factors, such as the specific garment being cleaned, the type and severity of stains present, and the dry cleaner’s workload. Typically, dry cleaning takes between 24-72 hours. Some dry cleaners may offer an express service for an additional fee, which can expedite the process and provide a quicker turnaround time. With ___________, dry cleaning takes up to 24 hours for clothing items and some home essentials such as pillow and duvet covers, and 72 hours for home and bedding items.

How does dry cleaning work?

Dry cleaning is a cleaning method for textiles that uses a solvent, instead of water. The solvent is able to dissolve dirt, oil, and other stains from the fabric, and then it is drained away. The clothing is then dried using warm air, which removes any remaining solvent. During the process, dry cleaners may use specialized equipment to agitate the clothing, ensuring that the solvent is distributed evenly and penetrates deep into the fabric. Dry cleaning is often used for delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the heat or agitation of washing with water, or for garments that have specific care instructions that prohibit washing.

Does dry cleaning remove all stains?

In most cases, dry cleaning can remove stains, but it depends on several factors. The type of stain, how long the stain has been there, and the type of fabric are all factors that can influence the success of stain removal. Dry cleaners have access to specialized solvents and equipment designed to remove tough stains from delicate fabrics. However, some stains may be permanent or require specialized treatment beyond dry cleaning. It’s best to inform your dry cleaner of any stains and provide as much information as possible about the stain to increase the chances of successful removal.

Does dry cleaning kill germs?

Yes, dry cleaning can effectively kill germs and bacteria. The solvents used in dry cleaning can penetrate fabrics and get rid of dirt and germs. Additionally, the heat from the machines and steamers used in the dry cleaning process can also help to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. However, it is important to note that not all germs and bacteria can be eliminated through dry cleaning alone, and additional disinfection measures may be necessary for certain items or situations.


Counter Service

Our friendly and experienced staff have always been at the heart of our operation. Joe May offers 4 convenient locations for you to drop off your clothing, make requests regarding stains or pressing preferences, alterations or delivery time, and have any questions answered that you may have about our service. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and at your service!


True to our purpose of providing quality and convenient Dry Cleaning Service, many families and professionals in Atlanta prefer our Home Delivery Service. Click Here to request our home delivery service and see if you are currently within one of our service areas. We currently offer Mon/Thurs route in Buckhead, Midtown, and Decatur with pick up and drop off right to your door!

Locker Drop-off/Pick-up

Our commitment to offer quality, value and convenience to our community drives us to constantly innovate! Introducing Atlanta’s only Dry Cleaning Locker store, accessible 24/7 for your convenience. Simply follow the directions to create an account with us online and you can pick up and drop off your garments at your convenience with as little as a text message!

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